Monday, January 09, 2017


GPs have gone downhill a lot since I was a boy, since the days when they were respected members of the local community who would not feel out of place if invited to afternoon tea along with the vicar and his wife. Nowadays they're good for thrusting the credit card terminal in your direction and that's about all. Their mission in life is to prod you in the direction of someone who may be able to help you, for they certainly can't. In a word of their choosing, they are "pathfinders".

How can you tell the worth of a GP? By the quality of his or her waiting room, of course. and in particular the glossiness of the magazines placed at our disposal. In recent times I have come to appreciate a journal aimed unabashedly at people of my generation, these days not so much pinball wizards as promotors of zimmer frames. It is called Notre Temps. It even has its luxury cruises:

Come and see what's in store for you when you choose a Golden Sunset cruise with Notre Temps!
- Special charter flights from Paris to Baffin Island or alternative destination
- Board and lodging (elevenses, afternoon tea, horlicks)
- Transfer Captain's table - private cabin
- Luggage transfer provided by highly trained porters 
- Emergency repatriation, extreme unction, burial fees
- Administrative fees
Free gift: emergency flare gun. Useful in emergency snow drifts
M/S Astoria, an elegant cruise boat. Max 50,000 guests!

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