Monday, February 20, 2017

Behind the Scenes at Blogger

One of the most dispiriting things in the life of this particular blogger is to switch over to the "engine-room" of The Subliminal Mr Dunn in search of "activity" among "the community". Here, I am vouchsafed access to information denied to all but the blogger himself. I can, for example, consult information about my Posts, Statistics, something mysteriously referred to as Earnings, and Comments. In the Comments section, I scroll (as in the Dead Sea) down till I get to Awaiting Moderation. This is an option that allows me to have the last word in deciding which comments will appear after each post. As you can readily imagine, I could easily inflate the number of comments by removing this restriction, but I have decided not to go down that slippery path. 

Anyway, I click on Awaiting Moderation and what do I see day after day after day? There are no pending comments

It's enough to make you want to go outside and shoot someone.


  1. If you turn off moderation, your blog will almost certainly become an e-marketplace for misspelled pharmaceuticals. And I don't mean aSp!rin. Sunglasses too, or at least there were sunglasses when I tried turning off moderation.

  2. I get quite enough pharmaceuticals via email, thank you very much Michael - with or without moderation!
    Interesting to see the two completely different meanings of the word "moderation".

  3. Hope you haven't shot anyone yet! Xx


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