Saturday, April 01, 2017

Morse and Co.

I never realised what dangerous places Oxford and Cambridge were until I started binge-watching Endeavour, Lewis and Grantchester on Netflix. On the strength of my encounters so far, Oxford comes across as marginally more gruesome. You see, once a murder is committed you can be pretty sure that another is not far behind. As the old saying goes, it never rains but it pours. In the end, of course, Detective Inspector Lewis and Detective Sergeant Hathaway always get their man or, it pains me to write this, woman, but not before the cauldron of jealousy, hate and lust that is university life has been exposed to our horrified gaze. I think I would have turned down a place in college even if I had been accepted.

If you have ever wondered what happened in later life to those who avoided being murdered while up at Oxford or Cambridge, you will find the answer in the novels of Agatha Christie, the difference being that the task of tracking down the culprits now falls upon a private detective.

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