Monday, May 08, 2017

Dateline London

Marville Road, SW6
I am struck once again by the opulence of the modern Dijon railway station, so much better in almost every way than the one I can remember from thirty years ago. The only thing missing is an escalator to lift the ageing population up to platform level. Since most of us now fall into that  category and since platform level is where we want to be, this is an important point on the debit side., but still... To continue for a moment in a carping vein, I think the Eurostar is about due for an upgrade. It's increasingly only fit for sardines.

Back on "home" territory once more, I cannot fail to be impressed by the sheer wealth of central London. Pedestrians are wearing the very latest in Italian fashion, and waiters, shopkeepers, etc. are genuinely pleased to see me as long as I'm buying something.

But enough of this flippery.The truth is I feel lost as never before. I am just too slow to keep up with the pace of modern life and conversation. Given a choice, for example, between the comfort of the modern railway station, automobile, hotel and so on  and the same thing of thirty years ago, I'm  sure that none of us of my age in the prosperous West  would hesitate for even a second. I can conceive of someone in his 'fifties, weighed down by the cares of life, looking forward to the limited horizons of old age, but I  would so much rather go back to a time when I was mentally more alert. It would be nice  to be nimbler too and there is no doubt that I  would feel  better in myself if I  were not so chronically stiff and deaf. I'm not complaining and I'm not whining; it happens to everyone. It's just that what I can only describe as old age has crept up on me  suddenly and caught me unawares.Just before I close this vexed question, and as a glimpse into the mind of the person writing this blog, I  have to report that I have forgotten my pin code TWICE in the course of two weeks. B. Capel-Dunn, 72 not out, retired hurt!

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  1. Papa, you are perfect. Just be you and let us spoil you a bit. We all love you xxx


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