Sunday, July 09, 2017

The Upshot: Applying Data Analysis to Jane Austen

For extra emphasis, Miss Austen may on occasion repeat a word, as in "very, very tremendous" and in "my very, very good friend Colonel Brandon". Miss Austen does not shy away from graphic description of violence if she thinks they will help her make a point: At another moment, Colonel Trump tells Miss Woodbine "I shill be going going to London to discuss American Carnage with Lloyd Blankfein , Steven Mnuchin and other members of the Washington Swamp.

On another tack completely: if American evangelists, born-again Christians etc. believed in the after-life as much as they profess to do, surely they would be at pains to adhere to something more closely resembling a Christian life, or at the very least try their hand at a bit of death-bed repentance?


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  2. This is not Facebook, Smocky!


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